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At Providence, our mission is to CAUSE GOD JOY by worshipping, learning, connecting, and serving.


We are a community of faithful disciples passionate about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, remaining loyal to Biblical truth, even if it puts us at odds with our culture.

Our hope is found in the promise of God’s grace, guiding us to be our Lord’s agents of transformation. Coordinated through a prayerfully inspired Strategic Plan, our leadership and ministries are a faithful blending of vision and practice.

Our Stewardship is generously manifested through grateful, faith-based giving, rather than pledge promises. We are a close, multicultural, multigenerational church family, welcoming vacationers from our beaches, while each Sunday demonstrating our unity through singing the Lord’s Prayer and holding hands for the benediction.

We are the Providence Presbyterian Church and from the formative years of our congregation, our mission has been to Cause God Joy. 

Mission and Values

At Providence we are committed to CORE VALUES that define us as Christians and that define our Ministry.


We are: 

  • Christ-centered, Biblically faithful, and hopeful in all we do

  • Joyful, praiseful, and grateful in worship

  • Spirit-led, purposeful, and faithful in discipleship 

  • Welcoming, nurturing, and respectful, in fellowship

  • Generous, gracious, and caring in service

  • Prayerful, trusting, and focused in leadership and decision-making 

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