Global Missions

Pratt and Ashley Butler, Young Life International, Managua, Nicaragua: The Pratt Family focuses on high school and college students. Their vision is to introduce Nicaraguan high school and college students to Jesus Christ and grow their faith.


Tom Braak, Faith in Action, Haiti: Tom Braak serves the people of Haiti through efforts of sharing Jesus, as well as teaching water purification, planting trees, home gardens, soil conservation and animal husbandry.

Fred and Ruby Amoah-Darko, Ambassadors for Christ, Ghana Africa: As Ambassadors for Christ International's regional director for Africa and the Middle East, Fred leads ministry seminars and conferences for church planting and revival in the African church. Ruby also equips women church leaders to lead others in Bible study. She also counsels women with difficult


Almira and Chris Knutzen, CRU, Russia: The Knutzen family of 6 train new leaders for Bible study groups. They live outside Moscow. 


Middle East Ministries: Although their names are withheld due to the sensitivity of the area, three faithful missionaries are supported by Providence as they work with Christians and Muslims and Jews in local communities in the Middle East. They also train others in Christian outreach to those who are seeking. 


Mission India: The focus of Mission India is for believers who are being trained and equipped to reach their own nation for Christ. Core programs that are effective in opening doors to the gospel and planting new churches, children's bible studies, Bible-Based Adult Literacy and church planter training.


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