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Global Missions

Pratt and Ashley Butler, Young Life International, Mexico: Their vision is to introduce Mexican high school and college students to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith. They coordinate and direct area leaders throughout the country.

Hands for Haiti: serves families in rural communities in the mountains of central Haiti, sharing the love of Jesus Christ with them by helping them to attain independence and self-sustainability. Hands for Haiti helps families establish farms growing vegetables and trees, provides a community health clinic serving 200 per week, builds community schools, and helps provide food for 70 students living away from home in cities to attend school.

Ministry of Hope (MoH), Malawi, Africa: glorifies God by ministering to the basic needs of orphans, widows and vulnerable children in central Malawi. MoH cares for babies in a Crisis Nursery, provides food and elementary school uniforms for orphans at six village community centers, provides food and scholarships for needy secondary school students and promotes good health through Mobile Medical Clinics. In 2011, Providence initiated a Lean Season Feeding Program at one community center that has expanded to all six through the involvement of other churches.

Samaritan’s Purse - Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Ministry: Individuals in the USA pack shoe boxes for children to receive as gifts from someone who cares. Samaritan’s Purse coordinates the shipping and delivery of the shoeboxes with local ministry sites in many countries around the world. Children are encouraged to participate in classes in their local churches that share the gospel of Jesus Christ. In 2019, Providence sent 540 shoeboxes.

Worldwide: While names are withheld due to the sensitivity of the areas, faithful missionaries are supported by Providence as they work with Christians, Muslims, Jews and others in local communities in the Middle East and elsewhere. Areas of outreach include college students, refugees and country natives. Some also train others in Christian outreach to those who are seeking.

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